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Disclaimer: Information in the Registry is unofficial and not intended as a substitute for any official government record of military service.

John William George Belter

Born Jan 23, 1924, Hutchinson, MN
Gender Male
Parents Herman D. Belter --Emma (Schweikert) Belter
Schools Attended

St. Cloud (now) UM

Branch of Service Navy
Additional Identifiers Commissioned or Warrant Officer
Service Timeframe 1943 - 1950
War/Conflict World War Two 1939-1945
Principal Units and Locations

VF5B (?) Saipan, Tinian

Military Awards and Decorations


My brother John was a WWII Navy Fighter Pilot. Flew F6F Hellcats. Reserves in '46, active duty flying Corsair F4U-5N in '48 - '50.

Died 1978