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Disclaimer: Information in the Registry is unofficial and not intended as a substitute for any official government record of military service.

James Allan Ostrem

Born 09/11/1934, Lanesboro, MN
Gender Male
Parents Adolf & Ida Ostrem
Schools Attended

Lanesboro High School, University of Minnesota (1 year)

Branch of Service Air Force
Additional Identifiers Commissioned or Warrant Officer
Service Timeframe 1954 - 1974
War/Conflict Korean War 1950-1953
Vietnam War 1964-1975
Principal Units and Locations

Europe, Vietnam, Florida

Military Awards and Decorations

McKay Trophy in 1964


Cold War, Mule Train, Dragon Rouge. Pilot in B-47, C-130, C-123, etc.

1958 - Cold War, my crew was one of 20 in French Morocco. We had a load with the hydrogen bomb. Our airplane had a failure, 4,000 feet down the runway, and caught fire. We bailed out of the aircraft.

1962 - My crew flew to Vietnam on the day that war was declared.

1964 - My crew was one of 12 aircraft that took part in the rescue of Dr. Carlson and other U.S. missionaries in the Belgian Congo at Stanleyville.

NATO paratroopers picked up in Belgium, were dropped to help clear the airports so we could land.