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Disclaimer: Information in the Registry is unofficial and not intended as a substitute for any official government record of military service.

Edmund (Ed) F. Durand

Born 19 September 1949, Faribault, MN
Gender Male
Parents Louis Durand and Leona Roell Durand
Schools Attended

1967 Graduate of Faribault Senior High School

1968 Certificate -Architectural Drafting- Jackson Vocational School, Jackson, MN

Branch of Service Navy
Additional Identifiers Non-commissioned Officer
Service Timeframe 1969 - 1973
War/Conflict Vietnam War 1964-1975
Principal Units and Locations

Naval Training Center- Radarman School- Great Lakes, IL

USS Truxtun DLGN 35

Military Awards and Decorations

Vietnam Service Medal, Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal, Meritorious Unit Citation, Efficiency award


Ed joined the navy in May of 1969, just two weeks shy of being drafted. He broke his ankle in July so was delayed in going to boot camp until November. Boot camp was at the Great Lakes Naval Training center and also Radarman school. Reported on board the USS Truxtun in October 1970. The ship was a Destroyer Leader Guided (Missile) Nuclear(powered) [DLGN] and was assigned to the PIRAZ (Positive Identification Radar Advisory Zone) station off the coast of Vietnam to monitor surface and air activity in the Gulf of Tonkin. Ed was deployed to Vietnam three times, February 1971 to August 1971; July 1972 to February 1973 and August 1973 to November 1973. During the second deployment the Truxtun participated in Operation Linebacker II which was a US Seventh Air Force and US Navy Task Force 77 aerial bombing campaign, conducted against targets in the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (North Vietnam) during the final period of US involvement in the Vietnam War. The operation was conducted from 18 to 29 December 1972. The Truxtun was stationed five mile off the North Vietnam coast at Haiphong Harbor. Ed left the Navy with the rank of Operation Specialist 2nd class. Ed is a member of the Golden Dragon (international dateline crossing) and a Shellback (equator crossing)