Memorialization and Court of Honor 

Individuals with distinguished records of military service have been memorialized at Camp Ripley since 1933—initially by having a facility or physical feature named after them (e.g., a street, building, or prominent terrain location). In more recent years, the names of memorialized individuals are normally inscribed in the Court of Honor, an outdoor plaza/monument located on the grounds of the Minnesota Military Museum.  

Criteria for Consideration

  • For heroism – members of the Minnesota Army National Guard who have been officially recognized for acts of valor or heroism at the risk of one’s life while in either state or federal military service.
  • For distinguished professional achievement and service – military personnel who have attained uncommon prestige as a member of the Minnesota Army National Guard or as a civilian employee of the Minnesota Department of Military Affairs, or have died in the line of duty. 

A Memorialization Board appointed by the Adjutant General solicits nominations, screens the candidates, and makes recommendations to the Adjutant General for naming to the Court of Honor.  The process is now conducted annually.

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Memorialization Roster

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