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Below is a roster of all memorializations at Camp Ripley in alphabetical order.

A - E

Memorialization Roster A - E

Aasgaard, Almer M. PVT 1933 Aasgaard Woods (209.40-258.00)
Acker, William H. BG 1988 Acker Place (road entry to Bldg 5-2)
Adams, Benjamin J. SGT 1933 Adams Woods (207.90-258.50)
Ahles, Duane J. CSM 2002 Court of Honor
Albee, George F. 1LT 1933 Albee Woods (212.85-255.95)
Allie, Francis PVT 1933 Allie Woods (211.25-265.45)
Anderson, Arnold C. BG 1998 Court of Honor
Anderson, Gust W. PVT 1933 Anderson Woods (214.20-256.90)
Arkman, Frank PVT 1933 Arkman Woods (213.25-255.55)
Arne, Gary D. CW5 2013 Court of Honor
Atwood, Allen E. PVT 1933 Atwood Hill (209.50-259.75)
Baker, John N. PVT 1933 Baker Hill (208.95-257.85)
Baker, Robert 0. LTC 1988 Baker Place (road entry to Bldg. 11-1)
Barber, Harold M. PFC 1933 Barber Hill (210.00-259.75)
Bartel, Otto G.A. PVT 1933 Bartel Ridge (209.70-252.85)
Bartlett, Linden  C. "Bud" CW4 1990 Bartlett Supply Bldg. (Bldg. 7-62)
Bast, Henry A. PVT 1933 Bast Woods (212.25-258.75)
Bathke, John BG 2006 Court of Honor
Bean, Edward S. MAJ 1933 Bean Woods (209.30-257.40)
Beck, Walter M. PVT 1933 Beck Woods (213.35-258.10)
Beebe, Jay G. LTC 2011 Court of Honor
Bellos, Michael J. MSG 2009 Court of Honor
Benda, Charles CSM 2006 Court of Honor
Benjamin, George PFC 1933 Benjamin Woods (208.50-259.50)
Bentz, Jerome  R. 1SG 2008 Court of Honor
Beseman, Albert J. PFC 1933 Beseman Hill (209.90-257.05)
Bettenburg, Philip C. MG 1988 Bettenburg Ave.
Bettenburg, Philip C. MG 1988 Bettenburg Hall (Bldg. 9-132)
Bird, Alex SGT 1933 Bird Woods (207.80-263.58)
Blevins, Robert L. MG 1990 Blevins Hall (Bldg. 9-133)
Bloedel, Gary CW5 2006 Court of Honor
Bloomer, Samuel SGT 1992 Bloomer Flag Pole (at Post HQ)
Bode, Louis O. COL 2017 Court of Honor
Booge, Kelly M. CSM 2009 Court of Honor
Booge, Roger A. lSG 1998 Court  of Honor
Boone, Robert L. CSM 2011 Court of Honor
Bordwell, Dean A. SGM 2004 Court of Honor
Bowen, Ivan COL 1988 Bowen Ave. (E-W road in Area 10)
Bradley III, Charles H. CSM 1989 Bradley Hall (Bldg 23-1)
Brinkman, Carl E. PVT 1933 Brinkman Woods (211.30-266.20)
Buckley, Walter H. CPL 1933 Buckley Woods (209.00-260.65)
Budd, William H. PVT 1933 Budd Hill (210.55-256.50)
Burkhard, Oscar PVT 1933 Burkhard Woods (213.55-256.80)
Bushers, John 1LT 1933 Bushers Woods (210.20-258.30)
Bynell, Harlan D. COL 1988 Bynell Hall (Bldg. 10-2)
Cahill, Bernard J. BG 2004 Court of Honor
Calvin, Arthur L. PVT 1933 Calvin Ridge (212.90-259.00)
Carlson, Albert R. PFC 1933 Carlson Woods (210.80-259.10)
Castle, Henry A. BG 1988 Castle Place (road entry to Bldg. 5-1)
Cauley, George W. SPC 2016 Court of Honor
Cheeseman, William H. BG 1988 Cheeseman Hall (Bldg. 19-71)
Chilson, Lynette Ann SSG 1988 Chilson Lounge (in Bldg. 15-71)
Chisholm, Leslie F. COL 2012 Court of Honor
Christensen, Wallace G. CW4 1988 Christensen Hall (Bldg. 9-71)
Christie, John S. SGT 1933 Christie Woods (210.20-258.95)
Cich, Richard P. CSM 1989 Cich Hall (Bldg. 10-3)
Clemans, Ezra C. LTC 1992 Clemans Ave. (E-W road in Area 3)
Clofer, Clarence G. MMC 1933 Clofer Hill (209.90-257.40)
Cochran, Thomas COL 2006 Court of Honor
Colburn, Oscar E. PFC 1933 Colburn Woods (209.60-262.90)
Collins, Stewart G. BG 1988 Collins Ave. (E-W road in Areas 10, 21, 22, 23)
Colvill III, William BG 1933 Colvill Ridge (213.20-258.0)
Conrad, Edwin M. CPT 1933 Conrad Hill (209.15-257.85)
Cook, Richard E. MG 1988 Cook Hall (Bldg. 9-131)
Corriston, Frank T. COL 1988 Court of Honor
Cox, John  H. BG 1996 Court of Honor
Cox, Rita K. CW2 2000 Court of Honor
Crawford Jr., Mathew D. ENS 1933 Crawford Woods (210.10-261.15)
Cunningham, Floyd L. 1LT 1933 Cunningham Woods/Road (212.95-253.90)
Cutter, Edward B. 1LT 1933 Cutter Hill (212.42-257.62)
Dahnke, Carl F. PVT 1933 Dahnke Woods (212.60-258.60)
Dale, Martin H. PVT 1933 Dale Lake (207.10-259.20)
Day, David F. SSG 2016 Court of Honor
Davis, Harley B. COL 1988 Davis Hangar (Bldg.8-96)
Dean, George W. CSM 1994 Court of Honor
Dean, Westley G. 1SG 1933 Dean Hill (209.60-260.97)
Delgehausen, Roger D. BG 2004 Court of Honor
DeMars, Steven COL 2006 Court of Honor
DeParcq, John H. 1SG 1933 DeParcq Woods (215.40-254.20)
DePue, David T. PFC 1933 DePue Woods (215.65-256.35)
DeRosier, Roy W. BG 1988 Roy DeRosier Shop (Bldg U-60)
Dickinson, George A. 1LT 1954 Dickinson Hill
Dietrick, Franklin J. PVT 1933 Dietrick Woods (209.40-264.60)
Dillion, James MSG 2006 Court of Honor
Doerr, Lyle C. MG 2002 Court of Honor
Donaldson, Glenn S. PFC 1933 Donaldson Woods (213.45-256.45)
Donner, August PVT 1933 Donner Woods (214.40-257.25)
Donwen, Albert  F. PVT 1933 Donwen Woods (212.10-260.38)
Dorenbush, Terry COL 2006 Court of Honor
Douglass, Robert M. BG 1988 Douglass Place (street to Bldg.7-1)
Drevnick, Daniel P. SPC 2016 Court of Honor
DuPrey, Napoleon PFC 1933 DuPrey Woods (211.05-257.45)
Eckmann, William H. PVT 1933 Eckmann Woods (209.40-261.30)
Edman, Andrew PVT 1933 Edman Hill (209.50-262.15)
Elicerio, David J. MG 2017 Court of Honor
Ellefson, Merlin E. 1SG 2012 Court of Honor
Elliott, Clark R. LTC 1933 Elliott Hill (208.95-260.20)
Elsner, Donald L. CPL 1989 Elsner Place (road entry to Bldg.3-3)
Elstad, Clarence PVT 1933 Elstad Woods (209.30-260.40)
Englebart, Irving B. CPL 1933 Englebart Woods (208.50-263.95)
Erickson, Carl E. COL 1990 Erickson Training Room (in Regional TNG Site Maint
Erickson, Frank R. 1LT 1988 Swenson Road (N-S road in Areas 21, 22)
Erickson, Ray J. LTC 1992 Ray J. Erickson l.AW Range
Erlandson, Rick D. MG 2010 Court of Honor
Extrand, Charles W. COL 2000 Court of Honor
F - J

Memorialization Roster F - J

Falk, Edward G. MAJ 1933 Falk Woods (213.70-254.00)
Farrow, Charles L. MSG 2008 Court of Honor
Faust, Ramon B. BG 1988 Faust Hall (Bldg. 11-2)
Feller, Seward F. PVT 1933 Feller Hill (209.72-263.50)
Fellman, Marvin R. COL 1996 Court of Honor
Ferrell, Richard  H. PVT 1933 Ferrell Lake (208.60-258.80)
Flahave, John R. SGM 1989 Flahave Room (in Bldg. U-1)
Forberg, Joe A. MG 1994 Court of Honor
Forslund, Gerald W. BG 1988 Forslund Hall (Bldg. 10-1)
Foster, Henry W. PVT 1933 Foster Woods (212.50-260.20)
Furnstahl, Joseph W. CW4 1988 Furnstahl Service Section (in Bldg. U-53)
Gabriel, James S. BG 1998 Court of Honor
Gagner, Clarence R. CSM 2000 Court of Honor
Gammell, Warren S. SFC 2018 Court of Honor
Gamradt, Gary A. SFC 2016 Court of Honor
Garbe, Marvin E. CW4 2000 Court of Honor
Gardner, James H. BG 1988 Gardner Shop (Bldg. U-61/ OMS #11)
Gasterland, Dirk L. COL 2010 Court of Honor
Gaylord, Arthur R. 1LT 1933 Gaylord Woods (219-45-237.50)
Giantvalley, Vincent L. CPL 1933 Giantvalley Trail (208.05-259.20)
Gieser, Richard  L. CW4 1990 Geiser Classroom (in Regional TNG Site Maint. Bldg)
Giles, Burdette M. SGT 1933 Giles Hill (210.80-258.35)
Goodsell, Vincent F. COL 1994 Court of Honor
Gove, John E. COL 1987 Gove Place (road entry to Bldg 1-4)
Gracie, Ralph D. 1LT 1933 Gracie Woods (212.30-260.60)
Graff, Arthur N. PVT 1933 Graff Hill (210.05-264.25)
Grams, Melvin J. SSG 2013 Court of Honor
Grams, Rodney  D. Senator 2011 Combined Spt Maint Shop (Bldg 11-169)
Grant, Donald  C. MG 1988 Grant Hall (Bldg. 10-144)
Grant, John W. COL 1988 Grant Hall (Bldg. 11-1)
Green, Charles A. BG 1988 Green Ave (E-W road in Area 9)
Grewe, William H. PVT 1933 Grewe Hill (210.25-257.85)
Hacker, Patricia J. Ibberson CSM 2016 Court of Honor
Hagen, Leon H. BG 1988 Hagen Place (south of Bldg. 10-98)
Halverson, Harold PVT 1933 Halverson Woods (209.15-263.65)
Hamilton, Mark  F. 1LT 1933 Hamilton Woods (211.25-256.80)
Hammer, Thomas  T. PFC 1933 Hammer Woods (211.60-262.00)
Hammerbeck, Harold M. COL 1992 Court of Honor
Hammond, Thomas W. COL 1988 Court of Honor
Hancock, Lester A. BG 1988 Hancock Place (road entry to Bldg. 7-22)
Handeland, John H. SGM 1989 Handeland Administrative Office (in Bldg. U-64)
Hannula, Rodney  R. MG 2004 Court of Honor
Hanscom, Austin F. 2LT 1933 Hanscom Hill (210.q0-164.75)
Hanson, David L. COL 2015 Court of Honor
Hanson, Eric D. SPC 1996 Court of Honor
Hanson, Joshua R. SGT 2016 Court of Honor
Harrison, Perry BG 1988 Harrison Place (road entry to Bldg 11-22)
Hart, William H. 1LT 1933 Hart Woods (213.15-257.40)
Hathaway, Richard W. CW5 2011 Court of Honor
Haviland, Arthur T. CW4 1988 Haviland Electronics Repair Section (in Bldg. U-53)
Havn, Hans 0. PVT 1933 Havn Hill (210.40-256.40)
Hayes, Richard  L. COL 1989 Richard Hayes Officers Club (Bldg 7-86)
Hayes, Wayne F. CW4 1990 Wayne Hayes Lunchroom (in Bldg. U-64)
Hearl, Melvin E. PVT 1933 Heaarl Hill (210.25-259.30)
Hecht, Fred G. PVT 1933 Hecht Knoll (208.30-263.35)
Hedstrom, Quinton G. SGM 2011 Court of Honor
Heille, Carl J. PVT 1933 Heille Ridge (210.20-258.60)
Hein, Ronald L. BG 2018 Court of Honor
Heinzel, Frank PVT 1933 Heinzel Woods (211.55-258.55)
Helsene, Larry W. CSM 2009 Court of Honor
Hendrickson, Norman E. MG 1963 Norman E. Hendrickson Range (910155)
Hendrickson, Norman E. MG 1988 Hendrickson Hall (Bldg. 10-143)
Hendrickson, Otto PFC 1933 Hendrickson  Woods (214.15-257.65)
Herreid, Warren G. CSM 2002 Court of Honor
Hinkens, Henry T. S2c 1933 Hinkens Woods (213.70-257.50)
Hohncke, John W. COL 1988 Hohncke Memorial Park (near chapel)
Holden,  Gust F. PVT 1933 Holden Lake (207.40-262.90)
Holien, Gilman C. MAJ 1988 Holien Ave. (E-W road in Area 8)
Holmes, James D. M. CW5 2006 Court of Honor
Hovda, Clayton A. MG 2000 Court of Honor
Howalt, Axel N. SGT 1933 Howalt Woods (209.80-262.00)
Hunt, Jack COL 2006 Court of Honor
Ireland, John Chaplain 1988 Archbishop Ireland Place (road entry to Bldg.1-3)
Irons, Maurice C. CW4 1992 Court of Honor
Jacobson, Richard 0. CW4 1988 Jacobson Dining Facility (Bldg. 10-143)
Jacobson, Ronald H. 1SG 2018 Court of Honor
Jensen, Donald COL 2006 Court of Honor
Jensen,  Jens H. PVT 1933 Jensen Woods (210.15-263.55)
Jensen, Keith A. 2LT 1954 Jensen Hill  (911144)
Johnson, Carl L. CW4 1996 Court of Honor
Johnson, Charles E. COL 1988 Court of Honor
Johnson, Clinton G. COL 2000 Court of Honor
Johnson, Conrad G. lLT 1933 Johnson Lake (206.90-257.85)
Johnson, Jack K. LTC 2008 Court of Honor
Johnson, James L. LTC 1990 Johnson Ammo Office (in Bldg. 199)
Johnson, Steven D. SFC 2016 Court of Honor
Johnson, Wayne A. COL 2004 Court of Honor
Johnston, Ambrose F. COL 1988 Johnston Hall (Bldg. 10-4)
Julin, Douglas L. CSM 2016 Court of Honor
Jones, Galen H. PVT 1933 Jones Hill (211.25-258.50)
Jurgensen,  Merton P. CW4 2000 Court of Honor
K - O

Memorialization Roster K - O

Kahn, Leon L. PVT 1933 Kahn Woods (208.25-259.75)
Kalahar, Veryl E. Mr. 2004 Court of Honor
Kamp, Duane "Dewey" L. SGM 2014 Court of Honor
Kelly, Joseph P. BG 2015 Court of Honor
Kemp, Richard E. MSG 2018 Court of Honor
Kendrick, Delbert A. CW4 1988 Kendrick Tower (Bldg. 8-96A)
Kennedy, Timothy M. BG 2012 Court of Honor
Kerr, Donald J. COL 2015 Court of Honor
Kickul, Graydon F. LTC 1990 Kickul Automatic Field Fire Range
Kidder, Hugh P. 2LT 1933 Kider Hill (212.80-258.52)
Kidder, Robert M. MAJ 1988 Kidder Ave. (E-W road in Utility area)
Kiefer, Edward R. BG 1989 Kiefer Ave. (E-W road in Area 15 to Iver Sod Road)
Kiefer, Lawrence R. BG 2000 Court of Honor
Klanska, Freddric PVT 1933 Klanska Hill (213.35-258.80)
Klindt, Julius G. 1SG 1933 Klindt Woods (209.80-263.68)
Kloss, Richard C. LTC 2014 Court of Honor
Kness, Ronald D. CSM 2011 Court of Honor
Knutson, Allan K. SGM 2008 Court of Honor
Koch, Brent W. SGT 2016 Court of Honor
Koehnen, Richard C. CW5 2017 Court of Honor
Koehntopp, Dwayne D. CSM 2000 Court of Honor
Kohlman, Dennis L. 1SG 2018 Court of Honor
Kohout, Frank J. LTC 1988 Kohout Road (N-S road in Area 23)
Kolshorn, William PVT 1933 Kolshorn  Ridge (212.00-256.90)
Kraft, Emil F. SGT 1933 Kraft Lake (207.40-257.70)
Kreger, William G. MG 1988 Kreger Hall (Bldg. 3-1)
Krensing, William PVT 1933 Krensing Woods (209.50-259.20)
Kreutz, Alvin D. CSM 2004 Court of Honor
Kreye, John R. COL 2017 Court of Honor
Krumholz, Louis J. SGT 1933 Krumholz Woods (208.85-261.75)
Kukowski, Thomas J. CSM 2002 Court of Honor
Kunde, Duane W. BG 1989 Kunde Hall (Bldg. 15-2)
LaBarge, Ralph N. MAJ 1988 LaBarge Warehouse (Bldg. U-32)
Lade, Arthur PVT 1933 Lade Woods (211.50-261.75)
LaForce, Thomas J. SGT 1988 LaForce Lunchroom(in Bldg. U-53)
Laidlaw, William PFC 1933 Laidlaw Woods (211.85-257.10)
Lang, George S. 1LT 1933 Lang Woods (213.40-254.60)
Langemo, Nickolaie PVT 1933 Langemo Woods (212.60-257.50)
Lappin, Clatus C. PVT 1933 Lappin Woods (
Lawrence, Charles W. PVT 1933 Lawrence Ridge (209.30-258.90)
Lea, Martin PVT 1933 Lea Woods (212.60-258.00)
Leach, George E. MG 1963 George E. Leach Range (9424)
Leach, George E. MG 1988 Leach Ave. (E-W road in Utility area and Area 19)
LeBlanc, Gary E. BG 2004 Court of Honor
Lee, Clarence "Jess" J. COL 1992 Court of Honor
Lehrke, Donald E. CSM 1988 Lehrke Hall (Bldg.10-171)
Lewis, Jason L. MAJ 1988 Court of Honor
Lewis, William T. PVT 1933 Lewis Woods (211.90-258.55)
Libbey, Ellias BG 1988 Libbey Ave. (E-W road in Areas 17,11,13)
Lhotka, Jesse M. SGT 2016 Court of Honor
Loer, Clarence A. CW4 1989 Loer Dining Facility (Bldg. 1-26)
Lohmann, Richard W. SFC 1989 Lohmann Dining Facility (Bldg. 8-22)
Longfellow, Geraldine G. COL 2015 Court of Honor
Lord, Dennis J. BG 2010 Court of Honor
Lorenz, Grant W. Bugler 1933 Lorenz Hill (209.10-262.05)
Love, Sam W. MSG 1988 Sam Love Park (near Leach Ave. and Artillery Road)
Lozar, Frank SGT 1933 Lozar Hill (213.00-259.20)
Luce, Earl D. COL 1988 Luce Road (N-S road in Areas 10, 21)
Ludwig, Arthur A. BG 2000 Court of Honor
Lueck, David H. MG 2000 Court of Honor
Luke, Richard L. SGT 1989 Luke Place (road entry to Bldg. 3-4)
Lundberg Jr., WilliamS. MG 1988 Lundberg Hall (Bldg. 10-139)
Mahling, William S. BG 1990 Mahling Hall (Bldg. U-64)
Mahoney, John  R. "Jack" COL 1994 Court of Honor
Malmberg, Chad A. SSG 2009 Court of Honor
Malmros, Oscar BG 1988 Malmros Ave. (E-W road in Areas 3, 5)
Maloney, Thomas  J. CPT 1933 Maloney Woods (207.60-264.75)
March, Erwin CPL 1933 March Woods (212.90-254.50)
Masterson, Maurice CPL 1933 Masterson Woods (212.10-256.35)
Maxwell, Thomas L. CW5 2011 Court of Honor
McArthur, C. Lloyd PFC 1933 McArthur Ridge (209.00-258.70)
McCarthy, C. M. BG 1988 McCarthy Road (N-S road in Area 10)
McCarthy, Dennis 2LT 1933 McCarthy Woods (209.45-260.05)
McCoy, William T. CPL 1933 McCoy Woods (212.85-255.30)
McDevitt, Elmer N. COL 1988 McDevitt Place (road entry to Bldg. 7-1)
McDonough, Bryan SGT 2016 Court of Honor
McDonough, Elmer J. PVT 1933 McDonough Woods (207.70-265.70)
McGuire, Sean L. CSM 2017 Court of Honor
McKay, Hortense E. LTC 2015 Medical Simulation Training Center
McLaughlin, Charles W. PFC 1933 McLaughlin Woods (208.90-256.80)
McPeak, Harvey A. PFC 1933 McPeak Woods (208.00-263.90)
Meixner, Allan R. MG 1988 Meixner Hall (Bldg. 10-138)
Melton, Everett D. MAJ 1996 Court of Honor
Mettille, Michael C. SGM 2011 Court of Honor
Meyer, Paul V. MG 1988 Meyer Hall (Bldg. 10-141)
Miller, Ernest B. COL 1963 Ernest B. Miller Range (865155)
Miller, Gerald MG 2006 Court of Honor
Miller, Kyle R. SGT 2016 Court of Honor
Miller, Ray S. BG 1963 Ray S. Miller Field (military airfield)
Miller, Ray S. BG 1988 Miller Ave. (E-W road in Area 8)
Miller, Robert P. MG 1988 Robert Miller Hall (Bldg. 9-134)
Mills, Edward S. CSM 2016 Court of Honor
Mitchell, Paul P. CW4 2002 Court of Honor
Moeglein, Chester J. MG 1988 Chester Moeglein Hall (Bldg. 15-1)
Moeglein, Robert L. BG 1989 Robert Moeglein Hall (Bldg. 18-86)
Mollison, William T. LTC 1988 Mollison Road (N-S road in Utility area and Areas 14, 16
Moore, Harry L. MG 1990 Moore Hall (Bldg. 10-5)
Morgan, George H. 2LT 1933 Morgan Woods (212.90-256.85)
Mortenson, Richard CW4 1998 Court of Honor
Motzko, Edmund S. CPL 2008 Court of Honor
Muehlbauer, Ronald E. CSM 2000 Court of Honor
Mueller, Louie 1LT 1933 Mueller Woods (207.75-260.25)
Murdock, Benton D. BG 2002 Court of Honor
Musegades, William M. MAJ 1990 Musegades Record Fire Range
Nagel, Albert  L. PVT 1933 Nagel Ridge (213.20-258.70)
Nassen, Ernest G. PVT 1933 Nassen Woods (211.70-259.80)
Nathe, Anthony R. SGM 2010 Court of Honor
Nelson, Harold S. COL 1988 Court of Honor
Nelson, Joseph E. MG 1963 Joseph E. Nelson Hall (954034)
Nelson, Marjorie J. MSG 2018 Court of Honor
Neumann, John G. SFC 1989 Neumann Dining Facility (Bldg. 1-28)
Nichols, Luis PVT 1933 Nichols Woods (212.00-263.55)
Nordgren, Daniel J. LTC 1989 Nordgren Hall (Bldg. 9-72)
O'Brien, Henry D. MAJ 1933 O'Brien Hill (213.15-259.05)
O'Brien, James S. MG 1988 O'Brien Hall (Bldg. 10-137)
O'Malley, Valentine BG 1988 O'Malley Medical Facility
Oles, Lee R. PVT 1933 Oles Woods (208.20-260.40)
Olson, Carl K. PVT 1933 Olson Woods (211.30-258.70)
Olson, Gustaf P. BG 1988 Olson Hall (Bldg. 5-1)
Olson, Ole M. CSM 2017 Court of Honor
Olson, Robert E. MAJ 1988 Olson Place (entry road to Bldg. 11-3)
Oselius, Hjalmar J. PVT 1933 Oselius Woods (208.80-260.20)
Ostapenko, Nicholas BG 2010 Court of Honor
Ott, Alfred C. COL 1988 Ott Road (N-S road in Areas 22, 23)
P - T

Memorialization Roster P - T

Pantzke, Wallace M. COL 2015 Court of Honor
Patterson, Archie R. Bugler 1933 Patterson Knoll (209.70-256.35)
Paul, Edward J. CPL 1933 Paul Hill (209.00-262.75)
Pearson, John M. COL 2017 Court of Honor
Perlt, Edwin 0. PVT 1933 Perlt Woods (211.80-257.95)
Perra, Arsini J. CW4 1989 Perra Room (in Bldg. 7-1)
Peterson, Albert C. PVT 1933 Peterson Woods (2122.15-266.15)
Peterson, Fritz A. MG 1988 Peterson Hall (Bldg.7-1)
Plante, Kenneth J. CW3 1988 Plante Lunchroom (in Bldg. U-60)
Poole, Jesse S. CPL 1933 Poole Hill (209.65-259.05)
Posch, Clarence J. SGM 1988 Posch Drill Hall (in Bldg. 15-1)
Posch, Leonard J. CW4 2008 Court of Honor
Pratt, Marshall N. CPL 1933 Pratt Woods (209.40-256.90)
Priebe, Rudolph PVT 1933 Priebe Woods (208.15-264.35)
Radl, Andy CPL 1933 Radl Woods (212.85-258.85)
Ramstad, Wallace R. PFC 1933 Ramstad Hill (209.60-261.60
Rath, Michael B. COL 2017 Court of Honor
Reader, George E. PFC 1933 Reader Woods (211.15-259.90)
Redman, Milton E. PVT 1933 Redman Hill (211.40-258.80)
Reeve, Charles  Me C. BG 1988 Court of Honor
Reis, Fred H.C. PVT 1933 Reis Woods (212.00-258.20)
Resche, Frederick E. BG 1988 Court of Honor
Riewer, Greg N. SSG 2016 Court of Honor
Riley, Jennings A. 1SG 1996 Court of Honor
Robinson, Donald B. BG 1988 Robinson Road (N-S road in Area 10)
Robinson, Ray W. PVT 1933 Robinson Woods (211.35-258.10)
Rodd, Jack W. CW5 2002 Court of Honor
Rodewald, Bert D. PVT 1933 Rodewald Woods (212.20-264.20)
Ronnigen, Otto J. COL 1988 Ronnigen Ave. (E-W road in Areas 21,22,23)
Rooney, Robert A. SSG 1994 Court of Honor
Rosenfield, Harry PVT 1933 Rosenfield Woods (208.80-264.60)
Rosenmeier, Christian E. Sen. 1933 Mt. Rosenmeier (210.77-265.70)
Rosenmeier, Christian E. Sen. 1988 Rosenmeier Ave. (E-W road in Area 18 and utility area)
Rossburg, Raymond COL 1984 Rossburg Hall (Bldg U-1)
Roth, John W. PVT 1933 Roth Hill (212.75-258.25)
Rubey, Laverne CSM 2006 Court of Honor
Rubly, William J. PVT 1933 Rubly Hill (210.00-264.48)
Rude, Abner PVT 1933 Rude Woods (210.30-257.60)
Ryan, Thomas J. CW4 1994 Court of Honor
Rydell, Axel T. PVT 1933 Rydell Woods (211.80-262.65)
Rystad, Corey T. SGT 2016 Court of Honor
Sajevic, Peter J. BG 1990 Sajevic Range Office (Range Control Office in Bldg. 199)
Salmonson, Alfred B. PVT 1933 Salmonson  Woods (207.70-259.90)
Samuelson, Joseph  A. BG 1998 Court of Honor
Sanborn,  John B. BG 1988 Sanborn Place (road entry to Bldg.3-2)
Sarff, Ivan V. PFC 1933 Sarff Woods (213.65-258.10)
Saxton, Thomas PVT 1933 Saxton Woods (210.20-259.85)
Saumer, Daniel M. SGM 2017 Court of Honor
Sayre, Harold  H. 2LT 1933 Sayre Woods (207.75-259.10)
Schimek, Dennis E. MAJ 1988 Schimek Place (entry road to Chapel parking lot)
Schinske, Emil R. LTC 1988 Schinske Hall (Bldg. 11-3)
Schlick, Paul F. COL 1988 Court of Honor
Schmidt, Ralph CSM 2006 Court of Honor
Schuessler, Randy L. CPL 1996 Court of Honor
Schultz, Barbara J.   2004 Court of Honor
Schultz, Lloyd W. lSG 1996 Court of Honor
Schultz, Theodore SGM 2006 Court of Honor
Schweiger, Arnold PFC 1933 Schweiger  Woods (212.50-265.60)
Scott, Roy L. COL 1994 Court of Honor
Seaberg, Jeffrey A. CSM 2002 Court of Honor
Sengbusch, George H. PVT 1933 Sengbusch Woods (212.15-265.15)
Shannon, James A. LTC 1933 Shannon Hollow (213.05-258.10)
Sharon, Larry J. CW5 2012 Court of Honor
Shellito, Larry W. LTG 2014 Court of Honor
Sieben, Harry A. MG 2010 Court of Honor
Sieben, James G. LTG 1990 James Sieben Education Center
Singlestad, Sylvester D. TSGT 2006 Court of Honor
Sletten, Warren A. COL 2002 Court of Honor
Slipka, Kenneth J. LTC 2006 Court of Honor
Smith, Leo J. COL 1994 Court of Honor
Sod, Iver CPT 1988 Iver Sod Ave. (E-W road in Areas 1 & 15)
Solie, Henry Mech. 1933 Solie Woods (210.70-256.70)
Spangrud,  LeRoy A. CSM 1988 Spangrud Hall (Bldg. 10-172)
Sparrow, John H. LTC 1992 Sparrow Training Set Fire Obsvn Room (in Bldg.
Spiering, Clemens E. PFC 1933 Spiering Woods (212.50-264.70)
Stanchfield, Orlin C. SFC 1988 Stanchfield Ave. (E-W road in Areas 6,7)
Steinhauser, Fredric BG 1992 Court of Honor
Stevens, Roger J. LTC 1994 Court of Honor
Strong, Melancton L. 1LT 1933 Strong Woods (209.00-263.35)
Strouse,  Jacob J. BG 1996 Court of Honor
Stutz, Frederick G. COL 1988 Stutz Ave. (E-W road in Areas 10, 21, 22, 23)
Svoboda, Albert A. BG 1989 Svoboda Grenade Range
Swanson,  Carl E. PVT 1933 Swanson Woods (215.55-255.30)
Swenson, Earl W. LTC 1988 Swenson Road (N-S road in Areas 21, 22)
Tellock, Dennis SGM 2006 Court of Honor
Theobald, Anthony J. PVT 1933 Theobald Woods (207.60-258.10)
Thiemann, Walter H. PVT 1933 Thiemann Ridge (209.65-258.10)
Thomas Jr., Nathan COL 2010 Court of Honor
Thompson, lver A. PVT 1933 Thompson Woods (212.45-263.40)
Tiede, Gordon V. BG 1989 Tiede Ski Hill
Tiemann, Edmond C. MG 1996 Court of Honor
Timmerman, Jason G. 1LT 2016 Court of Honor
Torney, Dean K. COL 1965 Dean K. Torney Range (small arms)
Tracy, John PVT 1933 Tracy Woods (212.80-256.20)
Trees, Darwin J. LTC 1989 Trees Hall (Bldg. 21-1)
Tripp, Walter 0. CPL 1933 Tripp Woods (213.25-259.00)
Trost, Jon T. MG 2015 Court of Honor
U - Z

Memorialization Roster U - Z

Vacek, Joseph  J. SGM 1990 Vacek Hall (BEQ)
Vadnais, William N. CW4 1996 Court of Honor
Valentine, Eugene C. CW2 1988 Valentine Armament Repair Section (in Bldg. U-53)
Valentine, Lowell D. SGT 1933 Valentine Woods (212.70-266.45)
Van Lith, Joseph M. CSM 2004 Court of Honor
VanCleve, Horatio BG 1988 VanCleve Ave. (E-W road in Areas 5,6)
Venier, Doroinico PVT 1933 Venier Woods (209.90-264.30)
Vessey Jr., John W. GEN 1990 Vessey Recreation and Training Center (Bldg. 6-97)
Viall, Frank C. Wagoner 1933 Viall Woods (212.85-257.75)
Vojta, Francis J. LTC 1998 Court of Honor
Vosen, Harvey CW4 2006 Court of Honor
Waldon, Edward W. MG 1988 Waldon Hall (Bldg. 10-140)
Walen, Richard A. CW5 2014 Court of Honor
Walker, Robert G. MG 1988 Walker Hall (Bldg. 10-142)
Wallace, Wayne D. SGM 1992 Court of Honor
Walsh, Ellard A. MG 1984 Gen. E.A.Walsh Training Center (Camp Ripley subtitle)
Walsh, Ellard A. MG 1984 Walsh Drive (Inf Rd from front gate to Bettenburg Ave.
Warwick, Fred H. SGT 1933 Warwick Woods (208.30-262.70)
Watson, Judd L. CSM 2002 Court of Honor
Weaver, Richard A. COL 2014 Court of Honor
Welch, Lawrence N. SGT 1994 Court of Honor
Wenell, Lawrence PVT 1933 Wenell Ridge (210.70-259.30)
Wensman, Robert H. CSM 2000 Court of Honor
Wensman, Steven R. CW5 2015 Court of Honor
Wenzel, Anthony N. SFC 2017 Court of Honor
Wertish, James D. SPC 2016 Court of Honor
Wetzel, Leon J. CPL 1933 Wetzel Woods (210.25-264.90)
Whirley, James  M. CW3 1988 Whirley Place (road entry to Bldg. 11-22)
Whiteside, Lydia Army 1933 Whiteside Woods (211.80-259.40)
Wiebe, Harry F. PVT 1933 Wiebe Woods (209.70-260.65)
Wilcox, Carlos E. IV SPC 2016 Court of Honor
Wilczek, Theodore R. BG 1988 Wilczek Shop (Bldg. U-29)
Wilharber, Thomas  D. CW5 2010 Court of Honor
Wisted, David G. PVT 1933 Wisted Woods (213.03-258.55)
Witty, William R. PVT 1933 Witty Woods (208.50-260.50)
Wolcott, James L. CSM 1994 Court of Honor
Wold, Nels T. PVT 1933 Wold Hill (212.90-258.25)
Worrall, Harold  J. SGT 1933 Worrall Hill (209.60-260.30)
Wosika, James M. SSG 2016 Court of Honor
Wright, Frederick P. COL 1988 Court of Honor
Wright, Gerald F. CW4 2000 Court of Honor
Wuest, Henry PVT 1933 Wuest Lake (208.95-258.35)
Youngdahl, Oskar E. CPT 1933 Youngdahl Point (215.80-256.40)
Zieska, Kenneth W. COL 2018 Court of Honor
Zins, Howard A. CSM 2013 Court of Honor