Gift of Service

Volunteers in 2017

We extend a big thank you to this wonderful group of volunteers! They donated more than 3200 hours of their time and talent in 2017, playing an indispensable role in our efforts to bring history to life.

Ascheman, Dean
Beckenbach, Kerry
DeVere, Diane
Deuhs, John
Tramm, Fred
Monteen, Paul
Snell, Tina
Johnson, Jack
Johnson, Paula
Ryan, Jerry
Boone, Robert
Van Der Hagen, Jon
Iverson, Roger
Stumpf, Gloria

Ostapenko, Nicholas
Magnusson, Andy
Ritchie, Donald
Putzke, Becky
Wilmes, Raelene
Johnson, Craig
Becker, Owen
Meininger, Tim
Ascheman, Dean
Herke, Larry
Fletcher, Margaret
Lytwyn, Pat
Osman, Stephen
Smith, Vern

Thanks to all our volunteers—past, present, and future. WE SALUTE YOU!

The Donor Roll Call on this web page acknowledges those who volunteered for the Military Historical Society of Minnesota or the Minnesota Military Museum January 1 – December 31, 2017. We have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of our records. If you notice an omission or error, please accept our apologies and contact Sandy Erickson: e-mail or phone 320-616-6050.