Featured Veteran

Several times each year the museum selects a Minnesota veteran whose military service deserves note.  A short biography is written and a special exhibit is created near the Veterans' Support Wall in the museum. 

Introducing Our Current Featured Veteran:

Sergeant Oscar William Fode

— September 7, 2020

WWI Engineer

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Previous Featured Veterans:

Earl W. Anderson

Navigator on B-17 “Clowning Glory” 601st Bombardment Squadron 398th Bomb Group

Technical Sergeant Ralph Wesley Thompson

Loadmaster and world traveler

Lt. Commander Roger D. Stenzel

US Navy Hurricane Hunter

Staff Sergeant Lee D. MacDonald

Bataan Death March Survivor

Remembering Everyone Deployed

For those who can't be home for the holidays.

Sergeant Carl G. Peterson

WWII railroad worker in the Persian Gulf

Fr. Stephen M. Wagman

This chaplain in Vietnam was known as the "Flying Padre."

Sergeant Milburn H. Henke

The first American GI in Europe during WWII.

Colonel John H. Lien

This World War II vet served four years as an army dentist in the South Pacific.

Colonel Jeffery S. Patton

From an early age, this Air Force Academy graduate wanted to fly.

Carl T. Petersen

This Navy Seebee helped reconstruct the airfield on Guadalcanal during WWII.

Private Sidney C. Burk, USMC

Like many servicemen, this young Marine didn't see action.

Corporal William D. Woolworth

This soldier joined the National Guard and ended up in the Regular Army during World War I.

Sergeant Albert H. Larson

During World War II, this paratrooper made four jumps into intense combat zones.

Tech-Sgt. Dolores Marie Vosika

During World War II, this veteran made aircraft parts before joining the Women's Army Corps.

Ensign Walter M. Willis

This naval aviator lost his life on Dec. 7, 1941. Two years later, a ship was named for him.

Corporal Joseph Vosika

Corporal Vosika fought in the Philippines during the Spanish American War and insurrection that followed.

Arvidson, Norman K.  (1917-2002), Parkers Prairie and Little Falls, MN

Buettner, Kenneth (1951-2011), Avon, MN

Fletcher, Merl (1947-2012), Randall, MN

Frederick, Donald S.  (1923-2010), Richfield, MN

Huntington, Jerry. (1934-  ), Richfield, MN

Leach, George E. (1876-1955), Minneapolis, MN

Pietz, Reuel H.  (1921-2008), St. Cloud, MN

Sterrie, Norman A.  (1911-2008), St. James and Minneapolis, MN