Latest Updates. 

Site & Facility Planned

In allocating $13 million for a new Military Museum, state legislators ensured construction of a facility befitting the service and sacrifice of Minnesota Veterans.  Still, the quality and character of the education classrooms, exhibit galleries and public programming ultimately rests with everyday Minnesotans who step up and financially support this remarkable 32-acre site and 40,000 square foot Museum & Library dedicated to veterans.  Learn More

Small Arms Up-Close + Used Book Sale: July 30 @ 1 PM 

The Minnesota Military & Veterans Museum will host this free, in-person program at our Camp Ripley location on Saturday afternoon.  Led by John Deuhs.  

Post-9/11 Project

Post 9/11 Project details available here.

Share your 9/11 and GWOT stories here.

The Post-9/11 Project is the largest initiative ever undertaken by the Minnesota Military Museum & Library.  Please visit our landing page for full details including news, events, online interviews and the opportunity to share your story of 9/11 or Global War on Terror.