Our Wish List

If you see something on our wish list that you are willing to donate or acquire for us, we would like to hear from you! Please call 320-616-6050 or e-mail connect@mnmilitarymuseum.org 

We are currently looking for the following: 

Equipment (in good condition if previously used)

Good quality DSL camera
Metal storage cabinets
Large gun safe
Small office safe
Large air compressor
Bike racks

Artifacts. The museum seeks artifacts to fill holes in its collection and to tell the stories of Minnesota's veterans. While the collection has many artifacts, many specific pieces too numerous to be individually listed are being sought. Just because you don't see it on this Wish List doesn’t mean we can't use it, but these things, in particular, are currently being sought:

  •  Items from Ft. Snelling 1820s to today.
  •  Items from the Civil War or the early frontier forts.
  •  Native American items.
  •  Early militia/National Guard items (there are many variations of early militia uniforms and accruements not in our collection; while we recently acquired several nice Spanish-American War items, more are sought, such as blankets, shoes, hats and other uniform items, photographs and documents).
  •  WWI ration items, hobnailed boots, posters, photographs, helmets with painted insignia or decals.
  • Panoramic photographs of Minnesota units taken between 1900 and WWII.
  • Pre-WWII Navy uniforms, especially work uniforms. WWII-Vietnam Navy dungarees. Items related to the ships USS Minnesota, USS Minneapolis, USS Saint Paul.  Items related to the Minnesota Naval Militia.
  • Combat uniform items from WWII, especially specialized forces like Mountain Troops.
  • Fatigue uniforms with all insignia worn by Minnesotans in Vietnam through any of the post-9/11 deployments, accompanied by photographs and stories illustrating their use.
  • Foreign items from friends and foes—from Confederates to the Afghans—uniforms, insignia, field gear, etc.

Thanks to all our donors—past, present, and future. WE SALUTE YOU!