Gifts of Artifacts, Books and Archival Materials in 2016

Many thanks to the following for their donations in 2016.  Most of the objects and materials in our growing collection come from farsighted, community-minded people or institutions like the ones listed below. 

Wendell Affield

Burton and Mary Anderson

Sandra Babler

Jon Bell

Mike and Jill Bemis

James Bennett

Gary Bettcher

Frank and Lucienne Bray

Larry Brennan

Merrill Burgstahler

Tom Chial

Stan Christenson

Horst Christian

Jim Cluka

Dan Conlon

Steven A. Curtis

Gordon Dey

Sandy Dittberner

Lyle Doerr

Beth Erickson

Ann Essling

Greg Farmen

Kevin Flansburg

Nathan Foster

Robert Gerlach

Gordon and Betty Gerling

Garrett Grams

Glenn Griffin

Dennis Hale

Devon Hall

Glenda Hanson

Mary Heck

Maggie Huberty

Dave Irelan

Girts Jatnieks

Jack Johnson

JoAnn Johnson

John Justin

David Karvonen

Ione Keinanen


Peter Knutson

Gordon Krantz

Stephanie Kroeger

Ethel Kunde

Rodger and Patsy Larsen

Barry Larson

Ray Lunde

Alan Marshik

Geraldine Matthews

Jim McDuff

June McHenry

Kris Mondeel

Cheryl Morgan

Mike Mykulak

James Newman

Newport Library & Community Center

John Nys

Marge O’Brien

Stephen Osman

James C. Patrick

Jay and Joan Peterson

David Popken

James R. Rasmussen

Karen Ring

Mike Rinowski

Mike Rollins

James and Mary Saboe

C. Perry Schenk

Lee Smith

Geoff Steiner

Wendy Strobel Morreim

Burt Swanson

Richard Sylvester

Lucy Tanner

U.S. Navy Memorial

Leslie Valdes

John Vessey Jr.

James T. Weber

Shirley Wise

Richard J. Witte II

 Thanks to all our donors—past, present, and future. WE SALUTE YOU!

The Donor Roll Call on this web page acknowledges those who donated artifacts, books, or archival materials to the Military Historical Society of Minnesota or the Minnesota Military Museum January 1 – December 31, 2016. We have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of our records. If you notice an omission or error, please accept our apologies and contact Sandy Erickson: e-mail or phone 320-616-6050.