Traveling Trunk Program

What’s in the trunk?

Vietnam War
(1965-1975 / US 1965-1973)

Contains a representative sample of items commonly used by American troops during the Vietnam War. All items are original and not reproductions.

M1 US steel helmet
US helmet liner
Helmet cover, US, jungle camouflage pattern
Jungle combat boots, US
Combat trousers, US, tropical
Jacket/shirt, US, tropical 3rd pattern jungle with 4th Infantry Division patch
“Boonie” hat, US, tropical camouflage
Special Forces Green Beret, US
Hot weather “baseball” cap, US
M1956 web belt with suspenders, US
1 quart canteen, plastic, US (2 each)
Canteen cup, metal, US (2 each)
Canteen cover, US (2 each)
M1956 ammo pouch, US (2 each)
M1956 field pack, US
Folding shovel, US
M1956 shovel cover, US
MX-991/U Army flashlight, US

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