Become a Volunteer

We Need YOU!

uncle-sam-wants-you.jpgThere is more than one way to donate.  Want to get involved?  Donate your time and talent by becoming a volunteer.  Volunteers are vital to the museum’s operation. Not only do volunteers widen the museum’s network of friends and supporters, but they also supply indispensable people-power and expertise.  

We’ll try to match our needs with your abilities, interests, and availability. 

You might help out with special events, guide tour groups, monitor exhibit rooms during busy times, or simply greet and make visitors feel welcome. Perhaps you can provide administrative assistance such as data entry or (based on your expertise) assist with collections management or exhibit construction.

As a volunteer, you can work as little or as much as you want.  "We would love to have someone volunteer one day a week," says Jeff Thielen, former executive director, "but we will accommodate individual schedules."

See our Volunteer Handbook to learn more about the museum and about volunteer opportunities.  If interested, you will need to submit an application and agree to a background check using our informed consent form.  For more information, contact us at or call 320-616-6050.   Also, see our list of dedicated volunteers

Thanks to all our volunteers—past, present, and future.  WE SALUTE YOU!

Example opportunities for Volunteer Staff

  • Flat file material (posters, maps, blueprints): Create spreadsheet inventory. Reorganize. Approx. 600 items/24 hours.

  • Periodicals: Create spreadsheet inventory. Sort magazines by title and date. This will allow for the liquidation of irrelevant materials. Approx. 2,000 items/16 hours.

  • Framed material: Create spreadsheet inventory for ArchivesSpace. Approx. 140 items/8 hours.

  • Field Manuals: Locate and transfer all MN manuals in the field manual collection to the Archive. For public searchability. 6 hours.

  • Transcribe a U.S. Space Force interview.

  • Research assistance for remote inquiries.

  • Box up and inventory small framed photos.

  • Transcribe photo captions in Flickr.