Traveling Trunk Program

Procedures for Traveling Military History Trunks

The Minnesota Military Museum seeks to strengthen public understanding of how armed conflicts and military institutions have shaped our state and national experience. As part of that mission, the museum lends historical artifacts and informational items to schools, libraries, museums, and other organizations for educational programs, research, or exhibition.


To request a Traveling Trunk, prospective borrowers submit a Loan Agreement form. All such requests shall be made to, and approved by, the Minnesota Military Museum at least two weeks prior to the desired date of use. A signed copy of the Loan Agreement form must be on file in the museum office prior to any transfer of materials.

Traveling Trunks will be loaned only to users within the State of Minnesota.

Terms and Conditions

Traveling Trunks are loaned for three weeks with no rental fee. Upon request, a loan may be extended for an additional two weeks if it does not conflict with other scheduled requests.

Shipping may be available through the state inter-library loan Minitex delivery system. If not available, the borrower may pick up or deliver trunks in person to the museum at Camp Ripley during regular museum visiting hours.

The borrower should inspect the trunk upon receipt and compare it with the Contents Inventory and Condition report included in the trunk. Any discrepancies should be reported immediately.

Borrowed materials must remain in the condition received. Items shall not be cleaned, repaired, or marked in any way.

Damages or theft, whether in transit or on the borrower’s premises, shall be reported to the museum immediately.

The sponsoring institution or organization is responsible for the trunk while in its possession. The borrower shall protect contents from theft, vandalism, careless handling, and such harmful environmental conditions as fire, water, temperature and humidity extremes, extended exposure to bright light, insects, and dirt.

Trunks must be returned on time to ensure that they reach their next scheduled destination on time. The date a trunk is due back is included on the trunk confirmation and on the paperwork inside the trunk.  Please allow at least seven days shipping time each way. Items should be packed for return shipping in the same manner in which they arrived at the borrowing institution.

When objects are displayed or used for a program, please credit the Minnesota Military Museum. Traveling Trunks will be inspected and inventoried upon return.

Borrowers may be held responsible for the cost of replacing lost items or repairing items damaged beyond normal wear and tear.

Post-Use Survey

When you have finished using the trunk, please complete our brief Post-Use Survey (sent along with the trunk) and return it with the trunk. Or download it here and return it separately by mail or fax. If you prefer to submit the form online, it can be found by clicking here. Thank you!

Questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions about a specific trunk or loan request, or about the program in general.

Phone: 320-616-6050      Fax: 320-632-4386

Write: Minnesota Military Museum, Camp Ripley, 15000 Highway 115, Little Falls, MN 56345