Traveling Trunk Program

What’s in the trunk?

World War II
(1939-1945 / US 1941-1945)

Contains representative items used by both Allied and Axis troops during WWII. Unless noted, all items are original and not reproductions.

US M-1941 field jacket (reproduction)
GI wool trousers and shirt with sergeant stripes
GI wool sweater (1980’s, but identical to WWII style)
US Enlisted garrison cap
US M-1 steel helmet with reproduction chinstraps
US M-1 helmet liner (Korean War era but same as WWII)
German helmet with reproduction liner
US Canteen and cup with reproduction cover
US mess kit
US M-1923 cartridge belt (reproduction)
US M-1928 field pack with mess kit pouch attached to pack
US Mess kit dated 1944, with knife, fork, and spoon
US M-1942 first aid pouch (reproduction)
US M-1936 suspenders (reproduction)
US Army Service Gas Mask
US Soldier’s Handbook
US Leggings size 6 pair
An assortment of US badges, medals and patches (individually numbered and identified on the inventory contained in the trunk)
12 art prints showing uniforms worn by Allied and Axis forces during the war

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