Registry of Minnesota Veterans and their Service

The Minnesota Veterans Registry is a statewide database containing information about the military service of individual Minnesota veterans.  A qualified veteran is anyone who once served or is serving in the US military and was either born in Minnesota or has lived in Minnesota.   

Search.  You can search the Registry to learn more about a particular veteran's service or to learn about all the veterans who share common characteristics, such as those who fought in the Korean War.  

Add to the Registry. You can honor a veteran by including him or her in the Registry's database.  You can use our online form to add someone to the Registry. Tell us about your Veteran. We will send you a link.

Change a Registry Entry.  You can edit the content of an existing entry—to correct it, for example, or to provide additional information. Send us the update or request a link.

Disclaimer: The Registry is unofficial and not intended as a substitute for any official government record of military service.