Suggested Lesson Plans

These lesson plans—extracted from a series called Dateline—were written by a career teacher who taught American history in a central Minnesota high school.  As a WWII veteran, he recognized that his students needed a better grasp of this nation’s wars if they were to comprehend the history of an evolving America.  He also recognized that many of his students struggled to understand the available history textbooks.  His solution: write his own texts.  “Dateline” is the result, a condensation of pertinent facts, using graphics with easy-to-read text, to convey core historical messages and themes.  They are designed for grades 7-12.  A local teacher used them successfully with seventh graders for many years. 

You could use them with our Traveling Trunks for the Civil War, First World War, Second World War, and Vietnam.  Each lesson has content text, easy-to-use worksheets, and a teacher's answer key.  Try them.  We think you’ll like them.

Permission to copy and use these materials with your students has been given by the publisher: Main Street Press, 313 Main Street S., Sauk Centre, MN 65378.  (Verification is available from the Minnesota Military Museum.)

Click on the link below to open or save a printable copy of the document.  Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is a free download found here.

Civil War Lesson 1 Content
Civil War Lesson 1 Worksheets
Civil War Lesson 1 Teachers Key

Civil War Lesson 2 Content
Civil War Lesson 2 Worksheets
Civil War Lesson 2 Teachers Key

WWI Lesson 1 Content
WWI Lesson 1 Worksheets
WWI Lesson 1 Teachers Key

WWI Lesson 2 Content
WWI Lesson 2 Worksheets
WWI Lesson 2 Teachers Key

WWII Lesson 1 Content
WWII Lesson 1 Worksheets
WWII Lesson 1 Teachers Key

WWII Lesson 2 Content
WWII Lesson 2 Worksheets
WWII Lesson 2 Teachers Key

Vietnam Lesson Content
Vietnam Lesson Worksheets
Vietnam Lesson Teachers Key