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Fred Ahlfren

Born 1916, Mora, MN
Gender Male
Parents Alfred Ahlgren
Schools Attended

Ogilvie High School 1935

Branch of Service Army
Additional Identifiers Commissioned or Warrant Officer
National Guard
Service Timeframe February 1941 - 1961
War/Conflict World War Two 1939-1945
Korean War 1950-1953
Principal Units and Locations
Military Awards and Decorations

Retired from army as Lt. Colonel.


Fred Ahlgren joined the National Guard while attending the Univ. of MN. He trained at Camp Ripley in Little Falls. He entered active military service as a Guardsman and was stationed at Camp Claybourne, LA. He was shipped to Northern Ireland where he was selected for the First American Ranger Battalion which trained in Northern Scotland. He landed in Arzu, Algeria and participated in the Tunisian Campaign through July 1943. He participated in the landing at Gela, Sicily as a company commander. He was part of the Italian campaign after landing at Salerno, Italy. They seized the Chiunzi Pass overlooking the plain of Naples where they could see Mt. Vesuvius erupting. Fred contracted Malaria and was evacuated to a hospital ship in the Mediterranean. In July 1944 he was integrated into the regular army and served in Japan from 1946-49 as Military Government Operations Officer, Economics Officer and Labor Officer. In 1952-1953 he was in Korea as an 8th Army Intelligence Officer and Commander of a 105 mm howitzer battalion. He lived in Washington D.C., Beirut, Lebanon and Amman, Jordan. He was an Intelligence Section Operations Officer in Fort Monroe, Virginia. He retired from service in May 1961 as a Lieutenant Colonel.