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Charles Wayne Anderson

Born Jan. 03, 1950, Tracey, Minnesota
Gender Male
Parents Dwayne and Dorothie Anderson
Schools Attended

Cosmos High School, Cosmos Mn., Granite Falls AVTI, Granite Falls, Mn.

Branch of Service Air Force
Additional Identifiers Non-commissioned Officer
Service Timeframe 1971 - 1975 *
War/Conflict Vietnam War 1964-1975
Principal Units and Locations

460 th FIS, Grand Forks AFB, Grand Forks North Dakota

87 th, FIS, New Orleans Naval Air Station, New Orleans Louisiana

Military Awards and Decorations


I was an Aerospace Ground Equipment Repairman. I was in Grand Forks AFB with the 460th FIS for 3 years the squadron was disbanded in 1974, I was transferred to the 87th FIS at KI Sawyer in Michigan and put into a detachment of the 87th FIS and sent to a Naval Air Station in New Orleans Louisiana, to a Parish called Gretna there the Naval Air Station was located. In Grand Forks we had big Jack Rabbits to contend with and very cold winters, in New Orleans we had armadillos and fire ants and the high heat and humidity to deal with. I was there in New Orleans for one year and my enlistment ended.