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Disclaimer: Information in the Registry is unofficial and not intended as a substitute for any official government record of military service.

William E Kennedy

Born 11/24/1958, Mold mn
Gender Male
Parents Donald Greta kennedy
Schools Attended

Edina west Edina mn

Branch of Service Army
Additional Identifiers National Guard
Service Timeframe Sept 8 1980 - Ape 12 20002
War/Conflict Persian Gulf 1990-1991

Could have gone but did not need the unit I was in
Principal Units and Locations

Hhc 2/22 meck inf Germany hhc 1/11 meck inf fort Carson co

Military Awards and Decorations

OSA 2 times bnock gca active duty gca reserves arcane ndm acevement ribbon plus 2

When I entered army was determined to do 20 what ever the sacrifices were


When I entered army boot camp was older then most but being their first time just getting off cattle truck thought I was going to die but once their you got used to it I was picked to drive staff duty all night but it was something when you were a pv1 getting a truck for bivwack basic went fast but have to drive got the weard look from most why are you not walking like the rest of us at least did one 15 mile rode march with a PAC on your back and an m16a1 the training was instance their was one time I cryed may be that was my breaking point but stuck it out no way I was going to quit others never seen again may be a recycle or could not deal with it any more but went on to serve 20 yrs it was an accomplishment and know most younger men and women could not see that far I was going to hell or high water