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Alan R. Koenig

Born 1956, McLeod County, MN
Gender Male
Parents Robert and Marjorie Koenig
Schools Attended

Buffalo Lake Public, Willmar Comm College, Mankato State Univ., U of MN, UNL

Branch of Service Army
Additional Identifiers Non-commissioned Officer
Commissioned or Warrant Officer
National Guard
Service Timeframe 1975 - 2015 *
War/Conflict Iraq 2003-2010

Vietnam War Era, Cold War, Bosnia/Germany, Kosovo (Germany), NOBLE EAGLE, Hurr. Katrina
Principal Units and Locations

1-175 FA, 13th PSYOP BN. 1st USAR Linguist Unit, USEUCOM, HQ V Corps, NORAD/US Space Command, USNORTHCOM/US STRATCOM (West), 1st Army

Military Awards and Decorations


LTC Al Koenig, Historical Officer, HQ V Corps, posing by a T-55 tank at LSA Anaconda (Balad), Iraq.


Al Koenig enlisted in the MNARNG at Olivia early in 1975 and completed BCT at Ft. Knox, KY, and Armorer AIT at APG, MD. Graduated from MMA with Class XXI in 1977, and resumed serving at various batteries of the 1-175 FA. Transferred to 13th PSYOP BN in 1982 and completed Russian Basic Course at DLI in 1984. Served there until 1988 at which time joined the 1st USAR (RTU) Linguist Unit/IRR. Began a history PhD pgm at UNL in 1990 and graduated in 1995, after which activated for service at USEUCOM as a historical officer. TDY to Bosnia. Demob in Sep 1996 and began another tour at HQ V Corps early Jan-June 1997 for Bosnia but stayed in Germany. In 1999 completed 30 days of service at USEUCOM in Stuttgart, and in 2000 mob. for Kosovo, again at EUCOM. After 911 served as historical officer at NORAD/US Space Command until 2003, when discharged and mobilized for V Corps HQ (Prov) in Heidelberg, GMY. TDY to Kuwait/Iraq in Jan 2004. Did Feb 2004. Drilled and short tours with USSTRATCOM (West) and NORTHCOM, from which retired 1 May 2005. From Jan 2006 to July 2008, served as research director for JTF-Katrina History Group (Prov), Remained in Retired Reserve until retiring in 2016.