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Disclaimer: Information in the Registry is unofficial and not intended as a substitute for any official government record of military service.

Jacques P. Duquette

Born July 03, 1971, Saint Paul
Gender Male
Parents Dan, Josita
Schools Attended

Crookston Highschool

St. John's University

Branch of Service Army
Additional Identifiers National Guard
Service Timeframe 1991 - 1999
Principal Units and Locations

1/125FA, 1/151FA, 1/175FA - HHB Det 1- Anoka, MN

Military Awards and Decorations


Enlisted in the MN National Guard May 16, 1991. Graduated from AIT as the Distinguished Honor Grad. Participated in the last live firing of the M110A2 in US Army - MN National Guard Service. Cross trained as a 63D Tracked Vehicle Recovery Specialist at Camp Ripley. Honorably discharged in 1999 as a E-5.