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Wilbur David Abernethy

Born June 2, 1924, Tracy, MN 56175
Gender Male
Parents David Arthur Abernethy & Louise Wischhof Abernethy
Schools Attended

Tracy High School

Branch of Service Army
Additional Identifiers Non-commissioned Officer
Service Timeframe 1943 - 1946
War/Conflict World War Two 1939-1945
Principal Units and Locations

"A" Battery, 331st Field Artillery Battalion, 86th Blackhawk Infantry Division

Military Awards and Decorations

ETO 1945


Entered service from Ft. Snelling, Minneapolis, MN 1-27-1943. Discharged Camp McCoy, WI 3-8-1946. Basic Training Camp Howze, Texas, took 6 mo. Amphibious Training San Diego, CA for invasion of Japan 11-1-1946. Shipped to France early 1945 for Battle of the Bulge, became part of Patton's 3rd Army. Upon the Germany surrender, first Division returned to U. S.., June 1945. Division was loading ships in San Francisco, CA when first "A" Bomb was dropped. After Japan surrendered, Division was shipped to the Philippines for "mop up" & MP duty. Having acquired enough "Points, returned to U.S. 2-15-1945, and discharged on 3-8-1946. Stayed in the Inactive Reserves for 3 years.