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The Registry is a statewide database of publicly available information about Minnesota’s veterans.  A qualified veteran is anyone who ever served or is serving in the US military and was either born in Minnesota or has lived in Minnesota. 

You can search the Registry to learn more about a veteran's service to state and nation.

You can change an entry in the database to make corrections or add new information.  Use the online form below to make changes.  The information you enter in the right-hand boxes will replace the earlier information entered for that field. It will be reviewed before posting, however.

Note: Make sure you have the information you need before starting this process.  If you exit the page before clicking "Submit," the data you entered may be lost.

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 Air Force
 Marine Corps
 Coast Gaurd
 Merchant Marine (wartime)
 Army Air Force/Corps
 Non-commissioned Officer
 Commissioned or Warrant Officer
 National Guard
 Home Guard/State Defense Force
 Militia (pre 1870)
 Prisoner of War
 Missing in Action
 Killed in Action
 Died in Service
 Wounded in Service
 Yes (Years are Approximate)
 No (Years are Exact)
 Mexican War (1846-1848)
 Civil War (1861-1865)
 Indian Wars (1862-1898)
 Spanish American War/Philippine War (1898-1902)
 Mexican Border/Punitive Expedition 1916
 World War One 1914-1918
 World War Two 1939-1945
 Korean War 1950-1953
 Berlin Crisis 1961
 Vietnam War 1964-1975
 Persian Gulf 1990-1991
 Iraq 2003-2010
 Afghanistan 2001-2014

By submitting an entry, you agree that information about the veteran becomes public.  You also agree that it can be used for research purposes or in publications and exhibits. Each entry is reviewed prior to posting so there will be a delay before your information is live.